A lesson learned

I wrote up a whole post yesterday and today about the importance of being seen as nice by your students, and then when I clicked “publish” it disappeared, and does not seem recoverable.

The lesson I learned is to write my blog posts in Google Docs – which has a terrific autosave function – and then copy and paste them into WordPress. I haven’t lost this much work in years. I use Google Docs for almost everything. Partly because the work can be accessed from any device, can be shared and worked on by an number of people, and partly because I almost never lose work because of the awesome autosave.

When I think of “disruptive” technologies, Google Docs are one of the most significant. I use Google Docs for:

-Tracking student attendance, work habits and participation (Google Forms)

-Financial planning (spreadsheets)

-Resume (Documents) and supporting documents such as transcripts

-Tracking office referrals and behaviour incidents (Google Forms)

-Word processing

-Keeping track of my hot tub test results (Google Forms)

-Tracking the CD’s in my 300 disc CD changer (Spreadsheet)

-Creating presentations

-Storing and sharing important files, such my family trees

The list goes on and on. I also store all my photos with picasaweb for $20 a year – a legacy storage plan I’ve had for a few years.

I also use Google Docs for education at the school I recently left. Teachers can sign their students up using a Google Form. I think bulk upload the new users. The students get 25 gigabytes of free storage and access to most Google apps, along with an email account that is easy to remember (name@schoolname.com).

Students can create, edit, share, collaborate, hand in, receive and incorporate peer and teacher feedback, all without printing. I love it!

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